High Weald Dairy Organic Halloumi ~ Sheeps Milk


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A traditional Mediterranean cheese made from English sheep milk.  Slice & dry fry to a golden brown. Serve on a salad or as a snack. A salty, brined cheese, originally from the Mediterranean, before cooking, a squeaky cheese. Once dry fried or grilled it takes on a completely different texture and taste, with a texture reminiscent of a grilled marshmallow, with a crusty outside and a soft centre and a taste similar to that of bacon. made from a mixture of sheep and cows milk
200g average weight.

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The vegetarian alternative to the rasher. Slice and dry fry to a golden brown in a non stick pan. Serve hot in salad or as a snack.

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Organic pasteurised sheep milk, salt, organic mint.

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Weight 204 g