Hodmedod’s Great British Dried Kabuki Marrowfat Peas



Kabuki peas are among the best varieties of dried green marrowfat peas, most often used for classic mushy peas but great for much more besides!  500g.

Item Details:

Pair well with wasabi or horseradish.  Roast for crunchy snacks or delicious in salads.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1,204 kJ / 287 kCal, Protein:  20.7g, Carohydrate:  33.0g, of which sugars:  4.1g, Fat:  1.7g, of which saturates:  0.3g, Fibre:  28.5g, Sodium:  0.01g, Salt equivalent:  0.01g.


Marrowfat peas (kabuki variety).


Additional information

Weight 600 g