Living Foods Raw Chocolate Xylipie Raspberry & Black Pepper



New to the Living Foods line up this is the Xylipie with raspberries and black pepper.  Living Foods were asked for a bar for those who suffer with Candida and cannot tolerate agave nectar. Made from birch tree extract grown in Finland, it is also suitable for Diabetics, anyone on a low carb diet and is fat free.

It tastes like sugar but it isn’t. Xylipie is sweeter than their other pies and less rich so young children just love it!  A Sugar-free, dairy free, gluten free healthy raw snack. 60g.

Item Details:

Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free & guilt free!

Nutritional Information:



Raw coconut oil, raw cacao nibs (16%), carob flour, Xylitol (9.7%), ground almonds, lucuma, dried raspberries(6.6%), black pepper (1.2%).

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Weight 45 g