Meridian Apricot Fruit Spread Organic

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Meridian Organic 100% Natural Apricot Spread 284g. Made with pure natural ingredients and cooked for the minimum time possible to ensure that the full flavour is preserved. Organic Apricots are harvested and graded before being gently cooked in Organic Apple Juice Concentrate to produce a flavoursome lightly set spread.

Item Details

Delicious spread on bread and toast or stir into natural yogurt and muesli for additional flavour.

Ingredients/More Details

Organic Apple Juice Concentrate (57%), Organic Apricot Pulp (42%), Gelling Agent ( Pectin*), Acidity Regulator(Citric Acid*). Organically grown unless asterisked.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy 554kJ/131kcal; Protein 1.1g; Carbohydrate 30.1g (of which sugars)30.1g (of which fructose 17.9g); Fat <0.3g (of which saturates) <0.0g; Fibre 1.2g; Sodium trace.

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Weight 249 g