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Organyc ‘Super Plus’ 100% Organic Cotton Tampons ~ 16’s. Organyc is the only available range of feminine protection entirely made of Certified organic cotton. This Line has been developed in order to offer a natural solution to all women who suffer from allergies, dermatitis and discomforts, and at the same time care about the Environment. A pure, effective and high quality solution, for every women.

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As a matter of fact, cotton is by Nature a gentle and soft fibre with high absorbent properties, which respects the “barrier” function of the skin and avoids overheating, irritations and itches which might be caused, for instance, by everyday contact with synthetic materials or the use of aggressive soaps. The use of 100% cotton feminine protection has even helped to reduce intimate discomfort and skin irritation in 90% out of 306 surveyed women who suffered from vulvo-vaginitis symptoms (“EVVITA” Study – France, May 2009). Moreover, Organyc materials are all proceeding from renewable sources (cotton, corn starch packaging), and are highly biodegradable and compostable. No chlorine is used during the cleaning process of organic cotton, but just Oxygen Peroxide, and no additives are added to the cotton structure of the products (free from perfumes, colouring agents or Super Absorbent Powders).

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