Plantforce Synergy Protein Chocolate 800g



Plantforce® Synergy Protein product line from Third Wave Nutrition® is designed for the health conscious consumer who is looking for a vegan and RAW plant-based protein powder that meets the highest quality standards and requirements unique flavor, pleasant texture and natural ingredients in 40 servings ~  800g.

Item Details:

The Plantforce® Synergy Protein product line is free of allergens such as dairy, soy, wheat, and gluten. The plant-based proteins are easy to digest without suffering from digestive discomfort as many users experience with regular milk based protein powders.

Per 20g serving: Energy:  308 kJ / 73 kCal, Protein:  13g, Carbohydrate:  1.2g, of which sugars:  0.6g, Fat:  1.3g, of which saturates:  0.4g, Fibre:  1.6g, Salt:  0.38g.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1541 kJ / 366 kCal, Protein:  66g, Carbohydrate:  5.9g, of which sugars:  2.8g, Fat:  6.6g, of which saturates:  2.2g, Fibre:  8g, Salt:  1.9g.


Pea protein, organic brown rice protein, organic hemp protein, organic fat reduced cacao powder, thickener (xathan gum), natural flavour, sweetener (steviol glycosides).  


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Weight 249 g