Rude Health Chocolate Hazelnut Drink Organic



It could only have happened in Italy.  Hazelnut first met chocolate in Turin during the Napoleonic wars.  Thrown together by fate, they were a dreamy combination.  They first appeared as decadent little treats called Gianduja.  Then they softened into a famous hazelnut and chocolate spread.  Now there’s a new outrageous twist to their relationship, as we’ve been making them into a velvety drink, perfect for toasting the greatest Italian couple of all time.  1 litre.

Item Details:

Dairy free, no added sugar, without thickeners.

Nutritional Information: 

Per 100ml:

Energy:  57 kCal / 243 kJ, Protein:  0.8g, Carbohydrate:  9.9g, of which sugars:  5.3g, Fat;  1.5g, of which saturates:  0.2g, Fibre:  1.0g, Salt:  0.05g.


Natural spring water, organic rice, organic Italian hazelnuts (2%), organic cacao (1.5%), sea salt.


Additional information

Weight 612 g