Sharaf Frozen Falafal Original Gluten Free



12 x Sharaf Original Falafals 300g. Aromatically spiced chickpea, vegetable & herb croquettes, ready cooked. Locally produced, Sharaf’s organic foods are using the original family falafel recipe, which was passed on from one generation to another, to bring you that unique taste of the true falafel.

Produced locally to us, right here in Cheltenham!

Item Details

Natural food does not cost the earth”. That’s our motto. At SHARAF ORGANIC FOODS we believe that three basic elements are always needed to create good food, Simplicity, tasty Natural ingredients & Passion. Simplicity: we only use original authentic recipes in our creations. Natural ingredients: no artificial colouring, preservatives or additives, just natural. Passion: we are so passionate about what we do; every item of our foods is made with pride, joy and lots of TLC. Wheat Free Totally Authentic Gluten Free Totally Natural Dairy Free Totally Delicious Nut Free GMO Free

Ingredients/More Details

Chickpeas*, onions*, parsley*, peppers*, cumin*, coriander*, paprika*, sunflower oil*, sage*, garlic*, black pepper*, turmeric*, sunflower oil, Sharafs special spice blend*, sea salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbona

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Weight 181 g