Stroud Micro Dairy RAW Milk 1 litre ~ Local to us!



Unhomogenised and unpasteurised RAW milk from the Bio-dynamically farmed Stroud Mico Dairy, a dairy local to our store. Stroud Raw Milk is unadulterated and delicious. 15 happy cows, with calves at foot. 44 acres of lush grasses, wildflowers & herbs. 250 community farm members, gazillions of helpful little microbes, 1 soil obsessed farmer. Feed your body, Restore the land!  

This milk has not been heat-treated and may therefore contain organisms that might be harmful to health. This Raw milk can only be sold through our website home delivery service or by collection from our depot and because of this it must ALWAYS be pre-ordered. PLEASE ORDER ON A MONDAY BY 10AM FOR DELIVERY ON A THURSDAY/FRIDAY. 

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Raw Milk.

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Weight 490 g