Suma Sunflower Spread 2Kg



Perfect for spreading, baking & cooking. 2kg.

Item Details

Free from genetically modified ingredients, free from animal products, free from dairy products, free from hydrogenated fats, free from soya products, low in trans fats, low in saturates, high in polyunsaturates, vitamin enriched.

Ingredients/More Details

Sunflower oil, water, palm oil, salt, emulsifier ( mono and diglycerides of sunflower fatty acids), vitamin E, vitamin A, colour (natural carotenes), vitamin D as D2, vitamin B 12.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g Energy: 603 kCal / 2479 kJ Protein: nil Carbohydrate: nil of which sugars: nil Fat: 67g of which saturates: 15.5g Cholesterol: nil Fibre: nil

Additional information

Weight 998 g