The Coppice Association British Barbecue BBQ Charcoal

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The Coppice Association British Barbecue Charcoal – The wood used to make this charcoal comes from sustainably managed broadleaf woodlands, these woods are either being coppiced or thinned.  Coppicing means that trees and shrubs are cut down then allowed to grow again for a number of years.  This method of woodland management has been practiced in Britain for at least 6000 years.  All of the native broadleaf trees will regenerate in this way.  3kg.  

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High quality, needs no firelighters, heats quickly, contains no additives, comes from a truly sustainable source.  Promotes the positive management of British broadleaf woodlands.  Packaging:  Paper sack, string seal, fully recyclable.  

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Sustainable wood.   



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Weight 1588 g