Toca Raw Honey & Royal Jelly Organic


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The Royal Jelly is what the queen bee feeds on.  The honey bee secretion contains the most complete nutritional equilibrium in nature, giving the necessary strength and longevity to the queen bee inside the hive.  Only fresh Royal Jelly is used in this mixture with orgnaic honey due to the natural preservation properties from the organic honey.  270g.

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Raw honey, organic.  This honey is harvested along the St. James’s Way in the Galician Mountains.  270g.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1340 kJ /320 kCal, Protein:  0.9g, Carbohydrate:  82g, of which sugars:  65g, Fat:  0.2g, of which saturates:  0g, Salt:  0.1g.


Raw Organic Honey (96.3%) and organic royal jelly (3.7%).

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Weight 295 g