Urtekram Purple Lavender Body Scrub Organic

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Formulated with our own organic lavender botanical extracts and essential oils, URTEKRAM® Purple Lavender natural and certified organic body scrub with plant-based peeling in combination with lactobacillus ferment and willow bark extract to smoothen and moisturize normal to dry skin. Apply and rub on humid skin. Rinse with water.  150ml.

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Vegan, cruelty free.

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Water, vegetable emulsifiers and stabilisers, ricinus pearls, aloe vera*, shea butter*, almond oil*, glycerine**, corn starch*, probiotics (lactobacillus), lavender extract*, willow bark extract*, lavender oil*, rosemary oil*, eucalyptus oil*, chamomile oil*, polysaccharide, magnolia bark extract, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-11. 

* = Organic.  

** = Made using organic ingredients.    


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