VBites Vegideli Gourmet Brussels Style Pate



A delicious organic meat free alternative to Brussels style paté. Delicious spread thickly on toast. Brilliant in baguettes, French sticks and sandwiches and perfect on crackers and crispbreads too. Makes a great veggie starter at supper parties. 120g.

Item Details

Vegetarian and vegan, meat and dairy free, Kosher & halal certified, cholesterol free, no hydrogenated fats, no artificial colours or preservatives, GMO free, ethical.

Ingredients/More Details

Organic ham pieces, water*, sunflower oil, textured soya protein, tofu, wheat starch & protein, yeast extracts*, sugar, onion powder, salt*, carrageenan* & locust bean gum, herbs & spices, iron oxide*.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g Energy: 1143.90kJ / 273.40kcal Protein: 15.20g Carbohydrate: 8.00g (of which sugars): 1.80g Fat: 20.40g (of which saturates): 3.90g Fibre: 1.30g Sodium: 0.88g Calcium: 0.00mg

Additional information

Weight 136 g