Yogi Choco Mint Tea Organic


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Sometimes, after a long exerting day, our thoughts simply will not let us rest, returning to circulate incessantly in our minds.  The sweet cacao shells in YOGI TEA® Choco Mint exude the delicious fragrance of chocolate, allowing us to leave the day behind.  The refreshing, cooling mint it contains, complements this perfectly, as their essential oils enchant our spirit.  Vanilla, a hint of cardamom and black pepper add the finishing touches to this tea.  The essence of this tea is: ‘Rest your mind’.  37.4g.

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Organic, Winner of Best New Product at Biofach 2015.

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Cocoa shells*, liquorice*, peppermint*, anise*, cocoa powder*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, carob*, cardamom*, ginger*, peppermint oil*, vanilla extract*, barley malt*, cloves*, vanilla beans*.