Supplier Spotlight

Chase Distillery

Monday, February 27, 2012

Chase Distillery LogoChase Distillery is a family run business located on owner William Chase’s farm in the heart of Herefordshire countryside,
approximately 30 miles North West of Cheltenham. The distillery is housed in a converted hop kiln barn amongst 400 acres of rolling fields of potatoes, apple orchards and Herefordshire cattle.

William Chase set up a successful potato supply business growing, trading, storing, haulage and supplying premium potatoes to multiples. In 1990s he established the Tyrrells brand from growing, processing and distributing Tyrrells potato and vegetable chips and turned it into a £40m premium brand which he then sold the majority of to build Williams Chase Distillery in 2008 producing super premium Gin and Vodka.

The genuine quality of Chase Distillery’s products comes from the home grown ingredients and artisan methods used to make them.

 William Chase’s journey into making vodka began in 2004 when he discovered potato vodka and how different it is from the usual grain variety and he was convinced he could do better because he could grow, mash and distil his potatoes on his farm to create a genuine quality product with true pedigree and provenance. After selling his multinational crisp business, Tyrrells, he sourced the very best handcrafted equipment consisting of a large copper pot still and a one of a kind 70 foot rectification column (the tallest one in Europe) and built his own distillery by converting an old hop kiln barn located on his farm about 30miles north west of Cheltenham.

The distillation process Chase uses is very traditional in its approach and one which early 1900s vodka distillers would be familiar with. The process is rather laborious but allows for total control of the quality of the products. All products are bottled & labelled by hand at the distillery.

The first bottle of Chase English Potato Vodka was launched on April Fools’ Day 2008 and took two years in the making. It was the first and still remains the only English potato vodka in the world. It’s made from potatoes grown on William’s farm in Herefordshire - varieties Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta. It takes 16 tonnes of potatoes to make 1000 litres of pure spirit (96%ABV). The distillery can even tell you which potato field your bottle of vodka comes from. They also encourage a sense of eco-spirit by using the waste potatoes and peelings to help feed their Herefordshire cattle and the stillage to help irrigate the fields. Each bottle has less than one drink mile because the potatoes and grown, mashed and distilled on site. The distillery has the capacity to make 3,500 bottles a week.

Chase vodka has a smooth and creamy taste. It is designed to be drunk neat, usually straight from the freezer, but it can be drunk at room temperature to enable you to taste all of the subtle aromas. The Chase Fruit Liqueurs are made with the Chase Vodka giving them a genuine luxury and velvety finish. Williams Chase Apple Gin is elegant and crisp with juniper and green fruits upfront, followed by warm spices and earthy undertones & Chase have produced a Limited Edition Seville Orange Marmalade Vodka of 1000 bottles which would make the most luxurious of gifts for Christmas.

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