Clearspring Toasted Nori Strips

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free,Sugar free,

Clearspring Nori Sea vegetable Strips- 13.5g . These Nori Strips are ideal for wrapping sushi (2pcs required), for an instant snack and for garnishing rice, pasta and vegetable dishes when cut into thin strips. In Japan sea vegetables have been prized for their varied flavours, versatility in use and their natural goodness. Nori has been cultivated in sheltered bays around the Japanese coastline. After harvesting it is carefully washed, then slowly dried into square sheets. Clearspring Nori is especially selected for its shiny colour, even texture and delicate flavour.

Ingredients/More Details

Toasted nori sea vegetable, soya sauce (water, whole soya beans, whole wheat, sea salt), water, mirin (sweet rice, water, cultured rice), malt syrup (sweet potato starch, water, sprouted barley), sea salt, kombu sea vegetable, shiitake mushrooms, chilli pepper.

Nutritional Information

Energy (per 100g) 1500Kj/360Kcal, Protein 40g, Carbohydrate 8.9g of which sugars 4g, Fat 2.5g of which saturates trace, Fibre 36g, Sodium 1.6g, Calcium 107mg, Iron 8.3mg

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