Cairn O' Mohr Bramble Wine

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free

Big juicy bramble berries, a mix of Karaka Black and Loch Ness not from far away, are mashed up in boiling water with sugar blended in for the yeast food.  This fruity soup is then fermented out to dryness, left for ages then bottled.  Red licorice, pipe tobacco and a smattering of dusk.  Serve at shed temperature.  75cl.  Alc.  13.3% by vol.

 Item Details:

Our Bramble Wine is made with locally grown brambles (or blackberries as they are known outside Scotland) from East Seaton Farm at Lunan Bay.The Brambles are our most - far flung - soft fruit and are grown 24 miles away from where we are, which is still not so far and they are the best. Around 5% of the fruit is of the Loch ness variety, a common garden type Bramble with the other 95% being of Karaka Black variety. The Karaka Black Bramble was propagated in New Zealand and is grown over here by farmers for their good flavour and promising yield. The fruit itself is longer and lighter in colour than more common bramble varieties. The handpicked berries are weighed into a tank, then gets cold water added. This mix of pure fruit and water then gets stirred for 20 minutes, twice a day, for three days in order to help the fruit break down and make a juice. Yeast and sugar are then added to this juice to start fermentation. After six weeks fermentation is complete and we rack the wine off the sediment which is composted and ploughed in the fields on our farm. The wine goes through a final settling for eight weeks then the different varieties are blended together to our recipe over the next eight months in a larger tank. After this the wine is then ages for up to four years before bottling and ready for serving. Our wines are made in small 700l batches, guided by hand. With clean and authentic production methods our wine making is very low input and low output. The Bramble wine is light and robust with a full pound of berries in every bottle. Brambles themselves are not sweet and once they are fermented out, we are left with a dry red wine with lots of flavour and impact and a quick exit strategy. Serve cool, this wine pairs well with halloumi, anyway you like it.

Nutritional Information:



Brambles, water, sugar, yeast, yeast nutrient, pectolase, rohapect and sodium metabisulphite.  




Brambles, water, sugar, yeast, yeast nutrient, pectolase, rohapect and sodium metabisulphite abv. 13.3%

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