LoveRaw Turmeric Chai Latte

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free,Gluten free

If you're a fan of chai lattes or golden mylk then this is the drink for you! Many hours were spent to ensure a perfect balance of spices in this Turmeric Chai Latte. Boasting 5 times more almonds than other almond drinks and nothing but natural ingredients, it tastes utterly indulgent, but without any of the guilt! Grab and go first thing in the morning or enjoy in the afternoon for a perfect pick me up they will end up replacing your daily cuppa!  250ml.

Item Details:

Dairy, refined sugar free, with no additives what-so-ever!  Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings.   Best served cold.  250ml.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100ml:

Energy:  237 kJ / 57 kCal, Protein:  1.5g, Carbohydrate:  5.6g, of which sugars:  5.1g, Fat:  3g, of which saturates:  0.3g, Fibre:  0.6g, Sodium:  0.05g, Vitamin E:  1.2mg.


Filtered water, date nectar, almonds, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, sea salt, black pepper. 

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