Cairn O' Mohr Raspberry Wine

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free

Beautiful rasps from the berry fields of Perthshire and some from Angus.  75cl. Alc. 13.3% vol.

Item Details:

This Raspberry Wine is made from locally grown raspberries from four farms between our farm and Blairgowrie. Scottish soft fruits are globally recognised as being the best in the world and these are right on our doorstep. We use five different varieties of Raspberries; Glen Erich, Glen Ample, Cascade Delight and Jewel with Glen Prosen to keep the acidity balance. The handpicked berries are weighed into a tank, then gets cold water added. This mix of pure fruit and water then gets stirred for 20 minutes, twice a day, for three days in order to help the fruit break down and make a juice. Yeast and sugar are then added to this juice to start fermentation. After six weeks fermentation is complete and we rack the wine off the sediment which is composted and ploughed in the fields on our farm. The wine goes through a final settling for eight weeks then the different varieties are blended together to our recipe over the next eight months in a larger tank. After this the wine is then ages for up to two years before bottling and ready for serving. Our wines are made in small 700l batches, guided by hand. With clean and authentic production methods our wine making is very low input and low output. The Raspberry wine is super fruity with a full pound of berries in every bottle. With sweetness and an excellent balance of acidity, this is a lovely vibrant medium rose wine with a long fruity finish. Serve chilled, this wine pairs well with BBQ'd foods and I like it with a rich sausage casserole.

Nutritional Information:



Raspberries, water, sugar, yeast, yeast nutrient, pectolase, rohapect and sodium metabisulphite.  

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