Pulsin' Maple & Peanut Protein Snack Disc

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Gluten free,Wheat free,Dairy free,Sugar free,

Natural peanut protein sport maple crisp snack disc. Natural & high in protein  50g.

Whether you need a pre-exercise energy boost or pick me up or are looking to balance your sugar levels and kick sugar cravings, our Maple & Peanut Protein Bars provide you with a nutritionally balanced, high-protein blast of sustained energy.

Blended with cold-pressed cacao butter for a smooth great taste, our Maple & Peanut Protein Bar contains 12g of high-grade protein (from peanuts, rice protein and pea protein) - an essential nutrient for a healthy body and a strong immune system.

Item Details

Vegetarian, gluten free, and non GM. Pulsin Protein S'Port is a nutritionally balanced protein-rich snack, scientifically designed to be eaten after sports for optimum recovery or anytime as a sustaining meal replacement. Enjoy 1 -2 packs daily with a glass of water if required.

Ingredients/More Details

Peanuts (30%), Brown Rice Malt, Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Maple Syrup (8%), Chicory Fibre, Cacao Butter, Carob, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla Pods, Sea Salt, Green Tea Extract.

Nutritional Information

Energy: 905 kJ / 217 kcal Protein: 15g Carbohydrate: 16.8g Fat: 9.8g Fibre: 4.5g

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