St. Dalfour Luscious Figs 200g

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All natural. These luscious figs are packed without preservatives by using a special all natural, patented deep vacuum method. St. Dalfour keeps the tender, plump quality of figs. They are not dried or hard; they are succulent. They are the best figs in the world. Preservative free.

Item Details

Imported from France, low in fat, low in cholesterol.

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Nutritional Information

Typical per 100g Energy: 924 k.J., 218 kcal Protein: 3.5g Carbohydrate: 48.7g Of which sugar: 48.7g Fat: 1.0g of which saturates: 0.2g Fibre: 11.1g Sodium: 0.09g Cholesterol: Trace

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