New Baby Hamper

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Thoughtfully selected baby care essentials make up this hamper. Great as a gift or a treat for your own baby. Please see 'details' below for a list of contents. If you would like us to post your hamper directly, just send a message for the recipient and we will be delighted to include it in their box.

Item Details

Contents will be: Simply Gentle Cotton Pleats, Bentley Organic Baby Body Wash Lavender, Bentley Organic Baby Oil with Camomile, 1 x Essential Care Organic Soothing Salve, Beaming Baby Biodegradable Nappy Sacks, Beaming Baby Organic Baby Wipes, Bocoton Organic Fairtrade Cotton Buds.

Ingredients/More Details

We reserve the right to substitute a product shown, with another of similar value and quality. The basket shown in the photgraph is not included and is for display purposes only... We will however make sure that your hamper looks 'pretty' for the recipient.

Nutritional Information


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