Bergerie Greek Style Mild Sheeps Milk Yogurt Organic



Plain unsweetened sheeps milk yogurt, with a set creamy texture. Delicate flavour, no strong taste. Very good alternative for those intolerant to cows milk. 250g.

Item Information

Organic, Vegetarian, Gluten free & Wheat free.


Pasteurised sheeps milk*, selected live yogurt cultures.  *Organic farming.  Allergens highlighted in Bold.

Nutrition Information

Per 100g: Energy 329 kJ / 79 kcal, Fat 4.9g, of which Saturates 3.4g, Carbohydrate 4.0g, of which Sugars 4.0g, Protein 4.7g, Salt 0.08g, Calcium 150 mg. 






Additional information

Weight 227 g