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Easy Bean

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easy Bean ~ A delicious range of one pot meals that can be eaten on the go or as supper in a mo!

We are a small, innovative company determined to give beans the culinary status they deserve. We believe in creating food that’s as delicious as it is healthy; and that eating a balanced diet of wholesome all natural food makes perfect sense. We think "food with soul" conveys the essence of this cuisine. We make delicious and wholesome food-to-go, hand prepared in small batches, using 100% natural ingredients and all in a "One Pot Meal".

How it all began...

I was fortunate to be brought up on a farm and on lots of wholesome food! Vegetables from the kitchen garden, apples from the orchard, milk fresh from the cow, eggs collected that day and home reared meat, and all taken for granted.

Then, some years later, I worked in tropical agriculture in Africa and Latin America, which is probably where my fascination for the pulse (beans, peas & lentils) began. Not only did I appreciate their contribution to so many cuisines and their nutritional status, but I was excited by the enormous variety and the regional differences, as well as their ability to fertilize the soil as they grow by putting nitrogen back into the soil. Superfood and Superplant!

Returning to the UK, it seems to me a pity that only the vegetarians (and a few enlightened others!) are wised up to the virtues of pulses; and I wonder why they don’t have the status as in other parts of Europe. Cassoulet in France is an obvious example, or Fabada from Asturias in Spain or Salsicce e Fagioli a favourite in Tuscany.

Which brings me back to the task we have set ourselves – "giving beans the culinary status they deserve". Most importantly, we look forward to sharing with you: our passion for good food, along with our love of the bean.

Inspired by the bean and one-pot recipes from around the world, we have created a range of healthy and versatile recipes. Enjoy on-the-go or serve up as a tasty supper…oh, and don’t forget to reuse or recycle that pot!

Christina Baskerville

(unashamedly a bean fiend)