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Simon Weaver

Another local supplier who we have worked closely with for over a decade.  With a roster of multi-award winning cheeses it’s no wonder Simon Weaver is hugely popular both in store and online.

The Weavers have been farming in the Cotswolds for three generations and in the South West of England since before 1570!  They proudly follow a traditional method of organic farming and place great store in caring for land and animal welfare.  Their closed organic herd enjoy a forage-based diet, and their milk production is not forced.  The Weavers know that if their girls are happy, their cheeses will taste great too.

The farm (11 miles from our Cheltenham store) is ideally suited for growing grass, and during the spring and summer the clover-sown meadows deliver all their promise.  Bordered by the River Dikler, the Fosse Way and the village of Lower Slaughter, the land is made up of low-lying river meadows that have never been intensively farmed.  On the higher ground, nitrogen-rich clover meadows create ideal grazing conditions for the winter months.

The Weaver’s herdsman Richard has spent his entire life working with cattle, with over 42 years experience in the field.  He is on first name terms with each of the 250 cows on the farm, and can often be found chewing over the latest gossip with the girls as they wander around the farm.

It’s this dedication to tradition and high standards which keep the Weavers winning awards and producing superb cheese.  We often have in-store tastings of the Simon Weaver range, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter Twitter for tasting dates…

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