Bio D Solvent Free Bathroom Cleaner 500ml

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free,

We believe it is possible to have effective natural and safe cleaning products that don't cost the earth.

Item Details

For use on glass, ceramics, perspex, chrome and most non-porous surfaces. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON GOLD PLATED ITEMS. Will stop the build up of limescale with regular use. Spray areas and leave for 30 seconds before rinsing with clean water. No need to wipe dry. Obnoxious ingredients you won't find in our product: Phosphates, EDTA, Enzymes, Optical brighteners, Chlorine bleaches, Petroleum based products, Formaldehyde, Titanium Di-oxide, Chemical Plasticisers, Synthetic Perfumes, Synthetic Dyes, Sodium Tallowate, Glycerin, Lanolin.

Ingredients/More Details

Aqua, Citric Acid, a blend of detergents derived from coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, a balanced blend of sodium salts.

Nutritional Information


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