Adobe Reserva Malbec Emiliana 2020 Organic

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Chile is famous for its Malbec wine and this is a classic example of what makes Chilean wines so excellent. Grown by Emiliano Organico, one of the most revered biodynamic and organic estates of the Andes Mountains, this wine is Fair Trade, 100% Organic and treated homeopathically to increase it flavour and complexity. The wine is coloured a deep ruby red, and the first whiff will give you the strong aromas of blackberries, mocha and plums. The flavours of the wine are well structured and long lasting, with a palate of cherry and hints of spice & vanilla. One of the best Chilean wines around!  75cl.

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Alc. 13.5% by vol. Product of Chile. Fullness = D rating. Organic.

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Organic red grapes.




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