Albet i Noya Brut Cava Organic

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Classy sparkler with oodles of flavour and a creamy finish.  This is a mix of Chardonnay with some local grapes and as a consequence it has a bit of additional gravitas. We love its apple crumble-like quality.  Layers of green apple, orange and lime express themselves nicely in the light bubbles.  An Albet i Noya superstar.  75cl.  

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Alc. 12% by vol.  Low sulphur.  Vegan.  The Can Vedrell estate, home of Albet i Noya, can boast a viticultural heritage stretching back to the middle ages. The Albet family links go back as far as 1903 when they were instrumental in overseeing the replanting of the vineyards after the ravages of Phylloxera. However it was not until the early 1970s that the fourth generation of the family, in the guise of Josep Maria, started the pioneering work on introducing organic viticulture to the estate. The first wines produced from these organically grown grapes were offered to the market in 1978 earning Albet i Noya the position as the first organic wine producer in Spain. During more recent times, the family has acquired outright ownership of the entire estate and have been undertaking a process of continuous renovation of the cellar and fine-tuning of their working practices.  

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White grapes.  



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