Clearspring Silken & Smooth Tofu Organic



Silky soft and smooth, Clearspring Organic Tofu is a low fat soya food, great for everyday use rich in healthy vegetable protein. Just-made freshness ~ taste the difference! Ready to eat straight out of the pack, or can be used as a substitute for eggs, dairy and meat in your favourite savoury or sweet foods. 300g.

Item Details

Contains soya.

Ingredients/More Details

Water, Soya Beans* (26%), Coagulant: Nigari (Magnesium Chloride). *Organically Grown.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy: 268kj/ 64kcal Protein: 6.8g Carbohydrate: 1.9g of which sugars: 1.3g Fat: 3.0g of which saturates: 0.6g mono-unsaturates: 1.5g polyunsaturates: 0.8g cholesterol: 0.0mg Fibre: 1.1g Sodium: trace Magnesium: 83.6mg (28% RDA)

Additional information

Weight 152 g