Clearspring Unrefined Toasted Sesame Oil Organic 500ml



Clearspring Organic Unrefined Toasted Sesame Oil 500ml. Toasted Sesame Oil with its rich & nutty flavour, is one of the defining flavours of East Asian Cuisine. It is highly versatile and delicious in salad dressings, sauces and stir-fries. A great summer sizzler idea!

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Unrefined and cold pressed.

Nutritional Information:  

Per 100ml:

Energy:  3404 kJ / 828 kCal, fat:  92g, of which saturates:  14g, Carbohydrate:  0g, of which sugars:  0g, Protein:  0g, Salt:  0g.


Organic toasted sesame oil.

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Weight 408 g