Clearspring Untoasted Sushi Nori Sheets



Clearspring Japanese Sushi Nori – 25g (10 sheets). Called “Hoshi nori” in Japanese, these purple looking sheets require a brief toasting by unfolding the sheet and holding it over a gas or electric burner until it turns its vibrant green. An idea. snack or wrapping for rice or sushi rolls. Dried sea vegetables to toast yourself to use in delicious sushi. Sea vegetables have long been valued for their varied flavours, their versatility in use and their natural goodness.  

Ingredients/More Details

Dried sea vegetables.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Info/100g: Energy – 635kJ/152kcal, Protein – 35.0g, Carbohydrate – 1.9g of which sugars – 0.6g, Fat – 0.5g of which saturates – 0.2g, Fibre – 45.3g, Sodium – 0.6g, Calcium – 280mg, Magnesium – 330mg, Iron – 18mg, Zinc – 1.8mg.

Additional information

Weight 23 g