Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract 250g



Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract – 250g. This yeast extract distinguishes itself by a very mild, delicious taste compared to other yeast extracts. Its richness in B-Vitamins makes it the ideal sandwich spread for vegetarians, for growing children, during pregnancy and maternity. Adds a hearty taste to any sauces, stews etc.

Item Details

Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract has a low salt content compared to most other yeast extracts. Naturally Better: Essential Vitam-R is made using an autolytic process working with the natural enzymes in the yeast itself. For this reason the yeast extract is low in salt (sodium). It is also gluten-free as it is processed from the roots not the grain, which is a key point of difference for customers who are gluten intolerant or celiac.

Ingredients/More Details

Yeast Extract, Sea Salt.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information/100g: Energy – 923kJ/217kcal, Protein – 29.8g, Carbohydrate -23.4g of which sugars – 0.3g, Fat – 0.5g of which saturates – 0.1g, Fibre – 6.1g, Sodium –1.7g, Niacin – 26mg, Vitamin B6 – 8.0mg, Folacin – 2000ug, Pantothenic Acid – 17mg.

Additional information

Weight 181 g