Everfresh Malted Raisin Loaf Organic (Sunnyvale)


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Formerly Sunnyvale Organic Malt Loaf.  The delicious taste and natural sweetness of Everfresh Bakery Malted Raisin Loaf comes from freshly ground organic wheat, malted barley, organic raisins and original blackstrap molasses.  330g.  

Item Details:

Suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets.  No added sugar, egg, dairy or animal products.  Free from preservatives. 

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1145 kJ / 272 kCal, Protein:  7.1g, Carbohydrate:  53g, of which sugars:  18g, Fat:  5.2g, of which saturates:  0.7g, Fibre:  8.1g, Salt:  0.1g.  


Wholemeal WHEAT Flour, Raisins (22%), Water*, Malted BARLEY Flour (8%), Sprouted Whole WHEAT (8%), Sunflower Oil, Malt Extract (1%), Yeast.   





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Weight 136 g