Green & Black’s Fairtrade Cocoa Powder Organic



Green & Black’s Organic Fairtrade Cocoa Powder.  This organic cocoa is made with the finest organic cocoa beans, grown in the shade of rain forest trees. G&B buy their cocoa direct from the farmers, paying them a higher price than they would receive for conventional cocoas.  The beans are harvested at the perfect point of ripeness, then carefully fermented and dried to maximise the smooth, complex flavours of this delicious cocoa.  125g.  

Item Details:

Fairtrade.  Organic.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  1690 kJ / 407 kCal, Protein:  22g, Carbohydrate:  19g, of which sugars:  0g, Fat:  21g, of which saturates:  13g, Fibre:  27g, Salt:  0.05g.


Organic cocoa powder*, acidity regulator: potassium carbonate.

* = Fairtrade ingredients total 97%.



Additional information

Weight 73 g