Mont’albano Refosco Merlot

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Mont’albano Refosco Merlot = Mont’albano from the Fruili region in northeastern Italy, was one of the pioneering organic growers back in 1985. From 2008 the company of Sartori started a collaboration with Mont’albano to help maintain its top quality production, and keep its costs competitive. This 70 Merlot 30% Refosco blend is super supple, soft and ripe. Ruby in colour, the bouquet is of herbs and deep red fruits, with some toasty berried flavours coming through also on the palate. A wine with plenty of character thats easily appreciated. Try it with cheeses that are not too strong, pasta dishes or cured meats.  75cl.  

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Vegan wine, alc. 12% by vol.  

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Merlot grapes.  

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