Vita Coco Coconut Water Drink 330ml

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330ml carton of natural coconut water. Inside every young coconut is a refreshing electrolyte-replacing beverage that far surpasses every artificial sports drink. Vita Coco is fat-free and is an excellent source of potassium, manganese and magnesium. Infact, this 100% pure life enhancing beverage has also been proven to increase vitality, ease digestion, cure hangovers and literally save peoples lives! So next itme you exercise, party hard or get stranded on an island, bring some Vita Coco!

Item Details

Rehydrate, rejuvinate and revitalise!

Ingredients/More Details

Natural Coconut Water.

Nutritional Information

Amount per 330ml serving: Calories: 60 (from fat): 0 Total Fat: 0g saturated fat: 0g trans fat: 0g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 40mg Potassium: 680mg Total carb: 15g Dietary fibre: 0g Sugars: 15g Protein: 0g

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Weight 181 g