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Jess’ Ladies

We’ve stocked Jess’s Ladies milk and dairy products at our Cheltenham store for as long as we’ve been running, and with very good reason!  Jess runs a multi-award winning local dairy which has been in her family for  generations, producing the highest quality dairy products the traditional way.  Un-homogenised and as nature intended it to be, the taste of Jess’s Ladies milk is the true taste of caring dairy.

“We make it personally…

My family have been farming at Hardwicke Farm in gorgeous Gloucestershire for 3 generations.

We’ve always looked after our land and the wildlife whilst producing the highest quality organic pastures for our herd of 80 beautiful cows.

We know ‘the Ladies’ all by name and we milk them personally everyday to ensure they’re a happy, healthy bunch. Because we believe that happy, healthy cows make better milk.

In our view nature is best so we do not homogenise our milk, preferring to leave all its nutrients as nature intended.  And because ‘Jess’s Ladies’ graze on luscious organic pasture, our milk typically contains higher levels of natural omega 3.

The Ladies, my family and I love producing and bottling milk on the farm – and we hope you love our milk too!”

Jess Vaughan

We stock the full Jess’s Ladies range from their new kefir to double cream, buttermilk through to Special Breakfast milk.  With deliveries from the dairy to our store twice a week we can always supply you with the freshest batch available.

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