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Stroud Micro Dairy

Our customers have been enjoying  the fruits of  Kees and Alice from Stroud Micro Dairy’s labour for some time now.  They have revolutionised the dairy farming process, working on a small and personal scale with the happiness and wellbeing of the cows being paramount to the operation.

Stroud Micro Dairy are a small community-supported dairy farm in Stroud. They produce delicious, fresh and local raw milk, yoghurt and kefir.  They’re based in a sunny vale overlooking Stroud, at Oakbrook farm (Just down the road from our Cheltenham store)

The micro dairy farm to regenerate soils using a method of farming that revolves around biology, life and the sun; to positively impact their soils, animals, people and the nature that surround them!

Kees & Alice, Stroud Micro Dairy founders.

Happy and healthy cows produce healthy milk.  Alice & Kees take good care of their cows, which means the milk they give us is delicious, nutritious and safe to drink unpasteurised. Because the only processing the Dairy do is to strain and chill their cows’ milk, it retains all its natural goodies – including vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes and minerals. And we think it tastes a whole lot better this way too!

We know you will enjoy their products as much as our store customers do!




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