Cotswolds Distillery No.1 Wildflower Gin

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Inspired by the glorious grasslands of the Cotswolds, our No.1 Wildflower Gin is a delightful blend of cornflowers, lavender and orange layered over a classic dry gin. Reminiscent of summer meadows and bursting with zesty orange notes, our Wildflower Gin is fresh, floral and fruity with a pleasantly dry finish.

Paired with premium tonic and a slice of orange, it makes for the perfect gin spritz.   700ml. GOLD AWARD WINNER FOR BEST LONDON DRY GIN IN THE 2016 WORLD GIN AWARDS! 

Item Details:

Alc:  41.7% by vol.  This gin is delicious on its own and over ice. It’s robust enough to stand up to tonic and smooth enough to craft the ultimate gin martini.

Their No.1 Wildflower Gin starts with a London Dry base featuring juniper, coriander and angelica, to which we add essences of cornflowers, lavender, orange and rhubarb root.

Tasting notes

Nose: Subtle floral notes reminiscent of summer meadows with fragrant orange blossom and soft piney juniper.

Palate: Delicate, floral notes of lavender with sweet bursts of fresh orange.

Finish: Refreshingly dry, clean and balanced with a lingering hint of bitter-sweet marmalade.

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Gin macerated into pure wheat spirit of juniper, coriander and angelica root.




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