Ecoleaf Kitchen Towel Jumbo Roll

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Kitchen Roll Made of 100% recycled paper packaged in a 100% compostable wrap.  Triple ply and 1 roll = 3 standard kitchen rolls!

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Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Roll is made form 100% recycled fibre sourced exclusively within the UK. Manufactured from 60%+ post-consumer waste supply streams, collected by local authorities , kerb side collections and bona fide waste merchants. The remaining waste fibre is made up from UK manufacturers’ waste such as printers’ trim and greeting card manufacturers’ waste. No chlorine-based chemistry is used in the production process. Sourced and then manufactured in the UK, every effort id made to maximise loads and minimise road miles. Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Roll is wrapped in ‘Bioplast’, a plasticizer-free and fully compostable packaging. It will bio-degrade TOTALLY under the influence of soil-based micro-organisms without the need for human intervention. Made from potato starch and natural co-polymers, it is both sustainable and renewable. This product has been designed to be fully compostable.

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Weight 209 g