Heath & Heather Fennel Herbal Infusions Organic


Fennel is a proud member of the carrot family. Its delicate feathery leaves and tiny yellow flowers form a beautiful outward display whilst the roots and sterns have a beautiful aniseed flavour. This naturally caffeine-free infusion is perfect any time of day, with its light golden liquor that delivers a powerful fragrance and a full-bodied flavour to uplift and support your wellbeing.


Heath & Heather Fennel Herbal Infusions Organic. 20 bags. A refreshing full-flavoured drink, long regarded to be helpful in curbing appetite and of benefit to the digestive system. 30g.

 Naturally Caffeine Free.  Gluten Free. Vegan.  Vegetarian


Organic fennel (100%).

Additional information

Weight 50 g

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