Sodasan Ecological Stain Remover Organic

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Effective action against tough stains.  The benefits:  Easy to use brush head, effective stain removal with organic vegetable oil, enzyme-free, GM-free, no colouring or preservatives.  For the effective removal of stains such as grass, blood, chocolate, oil, fruit.  200ml.

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The washing substance of the product is soap, which is quickly and fully biodegradable.  This soap is manufactured in a specially developed low-temperature saponification process.  The production is CO2-neutral. We only use power from Greenpeace energy and thus work 100% free of nuclear power.

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>30% water, 15-30% organic vegetable oil soap*, <5% alcohol (Ethanol), glycerine*, potassium citrate.

* = From controlled organic cultivation. 







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