Supplier Spotlight


Saturday, August 31, 2013


Friends Dan Shrimpton and Mike Stevens set up Peppersmith in 2009 with a mission to shake up the flagging confectionery sector. For too long sugar-confectionery had been dominated by massive companies with an obsession with cost-cutting rather than real innovation. They believed it was time for change so set about developing products that could taste good and do you good.

With a focus on real ingredients, proven dental health benefits and responsible sourcing, in 2010 they launched their natural chicle gum. Made with fine English mint from Hampshire, no artificials and proven to be actively good for teeth, it was the first genuine innovation in gum in decades.

Following the success of the gum, in 2011 they launched a range of mints. These included their Sicilian lemon mints which became the first ever product to both be accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation and win a Great Taste Award.

Their latest range is for children; tingz.  tingz come in two flavours, strawberry & vanilla and orange & mandarin.  As with all of the Peppersmith products, tingz are accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation.  The perfect guilt free treats for little ones.



A beginner’s guide to xylitol

So what is xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener. Its name comes from ‘xylon’, the Greek for wood. It’s lower in calories than sugar (about 40% less), has a lower GI (of 7) and, most importantly, has well established active dental health benefits.


Sounds good but how does it work?

Tooth decay starts with harmful bacteria in the mouth. Sugary foods give these bacteria energy to multiply and produce acids that dissolve the enamel of the tooth and cause decay. Xylitol has the opposite effect, inhibiting their growth, killing the bacteria (they can fall by as much as 90%) and preventing acid attacks. It also reduces the bacteria’s ability to stick to your teeth so plaque is easier to remove.


OK I’m in. How do I make sure I’m getting these benefits?

Dentists suggest you should try to have at least 5g of xylitol a day. Split this into several servings, ideally after every snack or meal when there’s a risk of acid attack. You can use xylitol granules use in your tea or even bake cakes with to help get your 5g a day.


Peppersmith make mints, gum and sweets sweetened only with 100% xylitol which actively reduce plaque and tooth decay.  Their mints and sweets contain over 14g a pack and the gum has over 10g. They’re the perfect way to stay fresh all day long.