Jock's Hot Sauce

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Vegan,Vegetarian,Dairy free

Jock's Hot Sauce is hand-made by musicians on the Welsh border using mostly locally sourced ingredients.  A great natural, healthy product, with very little added salt or sugar and no allergens, it's totally vegan and gluten-free too.  As much about flavour as it is about heat, Jock's Hot Sauce has a kick, but we're not going in for a macho heat competition.  This sauce has a warm intensity that allows the flavour of your food to shine through.  They home-smoke habanero peppers and garlic to give this sauce a rich, rounded taste and texture that enhances a seemingly endless number of food combinations!  150ml.

Item Details:

Vegan.  Made without synthetic chemicals or pesticides.  

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g:

Energy:  182 kJ / 51 kCal, Protein:  1.0g, Carbohydrate:  5.1g, of which sugars:  3.8g, Fat:  0.8g, of which saturates:  0g, Salt:  0.31g.


Cider vinegar*, carrots*, smoked habanero chillies, smoked garlic*, onions*, olive oil*, lime juice, anglesey sea salt pdo.

* = Denotes organic.   





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