Clearspring Arame Sea Vegetable



Clearspring Arame Sea Vegetable. 50g. In Japan sea vegetables have long been a staple food, prized for their varied flavours, their versatility in use, and their natural goodness. Arame grows wild along Japan’s rocky Pacific coast. The young, wide-leaved plants are hand harvested in late summer, simmered all day in their own juices, then cut into thin strips and naturally sun-dried.

Ingredients/More Details

Eisenia Bocyclis

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information/100g: energy 45kcal, protein 9.4g, carbohydrate 1.0g, fat 0.4g, fibre 67.7g, sodium 1.0g, calcium 1190mg, magnesium 560mg, iron 13mg.

Additional information

Weight 45 g